Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Screenr, a free screen capture video service

I previously blogged about screen capture software for training. The blog was about a piece of software I hadn't fully tested yet called Jing. Jing is nice, but it's biggest drawback, in my opinion, is that the free version only saves in swf format.

While troubleshooting a search problem on Seesmic Desktop, I stumbled upon a website called Imagine my surprise at finding a web service that lets you record video/audio of your desktop for training purposes. Not only is it free, it publishes the video for you in mp4 and iphone formats. There is an option to automatically tweet new vids, when you link your twitter account to You can also upload your videos to your youtube account or download the mp4s.

Screenr also has the URL for your video on their server and the embed code. I easily created the movie below and just copied the embed code to display it here (I did have to change the size settings in order for it to fit properly). (note that it even includes the tweet describing the video)

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