Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Screen capture for training videos

Last night I was speaking with my son (@chronotope on twitter) over the phone. Which, now that I think about it, is a rare occurrence in and of itself. And the topic of screen capture software came up. Actually my wife brought it up suggesting aviscreen to my son which captures what you're doing on the computer screen, but doesn't capture audio.

My son, Aram, currently does all sorts of things in the Information Technology/ Social Media/ Convergent Media worlds. He listened for a bit and then asked why I wasn't using Jing. So I downloaded it and installed it on my laptop. Nice piece of software, although many things are only available in the pro version.

I started testing it out at work. I made a couple of training videos (how to enter an event on our in house calendar, how to enter data into a database I designed, etc). I'm planning on doing a Seesmic desktop video, maybe I'll try it later today.

Anyway the application turns out to be a pretty nice one, despite the fact you can only save in swf format in the free version, and 70% of the stuff doesn't work unless you upgrade to the pro version.

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