Thursday, August 6, 2009

High School reunion

A post about a reunion on twitter got me thinking about a reunion I recently went to ...

Not long ago a couple of us who attended an alternative high school called School Within A School (SWAS) in Mamaroneck, NY, got together for a mini reunion. It was at best odd.

I think reunions in general are odd, but this was a program that was odd to begin with. You could opt into it with your parents permission. It was completely ungraded and the standards were fairly high. Yet there were never more than 120 people in the program from a student population of over 2000. That said, back to the reunion.

We got together in loft of a friend of one of the participants in NYC. There were maybe 30-40 people all together representing various different years of the program. One teacher came, and it was nice seeing him again. Many of the people in the group were still flower children (SWAS tended to attract that type). I felt old, I won't be going back (they already have organized another get together).

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