Friday, August 7, 2009

Portable applications

For quite some time now I've been using applications that run off my USB stick. It is almost essential in my line of work since I often come to a computer on which I have to run various scans or recover files and I want to do this with minimal intrusion. If I install something on a computer I'm trying to recover files from there is a good chance I'll end up writing over part of the file.

So I've culled a number of applications that all run on my USB flashdrive. All are free, there are more than a few you can purchase a "pro" version of, but most of these offer little extra functionality for the normal user.

I started off doing this as a project for my wife, but it took on a life of it's own. I currently have a bootable USB flashdrive (to linux, get it here) and almost 8gb worth of software. I wrote a basic windows help file with one of the portable apps and it is hosted here as well as residing on my USB flashdrive as portable apps.chm. I use the Pstart Launcher to organize and launch all the apps on my flash (check out the help file for pics).

Recently, a tweep on twitter asked what apps I had and I emailed him a basic list. This is some of it:

* rootkit detectors/scanners:
* f-secure blacklight (
* Pavark
* Sophos anti rootkit (req verification)

* cleaners
o ccleaner
o rogue remover
o easy cleaner
o pc decrapifyer

* file/disk recovery
o cd recovery
o data recovery
o datarecovery
o diskdigger
o encopy4
o file recovery
o NTFSundelete
o Pandora Recovery
o PartitionRecovery
o Recuva (probably the best and easiest)
o Restoration
o Undelete
o undelete_plus

* password viewers
o IE password viewer
o Keyfinder
o LSASecretsView
o Password Assistant
o Wireless KeyView

* Password Manager
o KeePass Portable

* Encrypting/decrypting
o Drag'n'Crypt Ultra
o FreeOTFE
o LockNote
o PicoCrypt
o TrueCrypt

* backup
o windriversbackup

* Copiers
o unstoppable copier
o ycopy

* disk size tools
o WinDirStat Portable (BEST)
o Disktective
o drive cleanup wizard
o i.disk

* duplicate file finders
o Easy Duplicate

* file archivers
o IZarc (copy folder after install to USB)
o 7zip
o appCompactor
o pea zip
o universal extractor
o UPX Packer
o UPX Shell

* File managers
o Free Commander (best)
o Alt Commander
o ExplorerXP Portable
o Q-Dir
o Xenon

* File Renamers
o Ant renamer
o bulk renamer
o Rename Master

* Synchers
o Allway sync N Go (pay)
o freefilesync
o ozsync
o Toucan
o Syncback (free version)

* Graphics

o viewers
+ artsee
+ cornice portable
+ fsviewer (FastStone makes excellent apps)
+ MaxView
+ SlowView
+ XnView

o Editors
+ Gimp
+ Blender
+ Photofiltre
+ photoscape
+ artweaver

o Screen Capture
+ aviscreen (capture movies of desktop activity - no sound)
+ FastStone Capture
+ HandySnap (excellent)
+ Hover Snap (use this when handysnap doesn't work)
+ lightscreen portable

o other
+ FastStone Photo Resizer
+ fotosketcher
+ fastimageresizer
+ imagicon
+ pngoptimizer
+ redeye

* multimedia

o video players
+ VLC media player
+ smplayer
+ mplayer portable

o audio players
+ 1by1
+ coolplayer
+ evil Player
+ foobar2000

o editors
+ audacity
+ wavosaur
+ virtualdub

o cd burners
+ burnCDCC
+ cdrtools
+ DeepBurner (very good)
+ imgburn
+ infrarecorder

o cd rippers
+ bonkenc
+ DeepRipper (very good)

o Other
+ DVD Shrink
+ AVI Repair Utility
+ XMedia Converter (convert anything)

* system

o info
+ currProcess
+ deviceinfo
+ ProcessExplorer (*****)
+ Process Monitor (*****)
+ SysSpec
+ System Explorer (does everything!)
+ System information viewer
+ winaudit

o startup
+ autoruns (not as good as SE above, but GOOD)
+ aspy32

o Antivirus/antispyware
+ clamwin portable
+ Multi Virus Cleaner (MVC)
+ Spybot search and destroy 1.6.x
+ Stinger AV

o defrag
+ jkdefrag
+ defraggler
+ fragutil
+ hdiskdefrag
+ powerdefragmenter
+ win contig
+ win merge portable

o registry
+ regassassin
+ registry cleaner
+ registry scanner
+ regshot
+ sysinterals registry monitor
+ xpredit

That is less than half the stuff I have on my stick. I also keep a ton of installable apps to clean computers. Things like startup mechanic and system mechanic and a couple of uninstaller apps.

Almost everything can be found on either or otherwise just google it.

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