Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flock - the social media web browser

I'm trying out a new browser called Flock. It is touted as a social media web browser. And it lives up to it's advertising. Currently I am in Flock. I clicked on the blogger link to get to this page (you do have to set up all your accounts first). The first con I see about this is that my zemanta plugin from firefox didn't transfer over - this made blogging a lot easier.

Otherwise I've seen some great things so far (I've only been using Flock for a couple of hours). Flock has a sidebar with my twitter feed and my facebook feed. I can see them together or separately. I can access twitter replies, direct messages, or the whole stream. In facebook I can access notifications, inbox, pokes, friend requests, group requests, and event requests.

There is a web clipboard, just drag and drop a graphic from a web page to the clipboard for use later on.

On the top of the screen just below the location bar and bookmark bar, is a media strip which display available media from youtube, facebook, digg bebo flickr, etc. The media can be from your account or from someone elses. as long as it's public.

There is just so much going on here it is impossible to quantify it all. I must admit to being a little bit overwhelmed by everything this app does. But Flock makes it easy for you by providing a how to video.

I ran Flock while running the latest version of Seesmic Desktop, Firefox (with about 50 tabs open), Iron - unbranded version of chrome - opened up as an app for gmail, AVG 8 scanning, sophos AV, syncback, roboform, google talk/notifier. Despite all that Flcok ran like a gem. Most people will not over tax their system with all that! But I thought it best to see what kind of a resource hog it was. Private Byte usage was about 230mb. Commit charge was not too bad and cpu usage was surprisingly low. (stats courtesy of process explorer)

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