Saturday, October 24, 2009

Twitter - Startup #3 - Making a background

custom twitter backgroundImage by EMMEALCUBO via Flickr

Once you've created your name and avatar, it's now time to create a background.

Look around at other backgrounds before creating your own. Your background, rightly or wrongly, will influence whether people follow you or not.
  • Branding - As with other attributes of your twitter profile, your background should be consistent with what you perceive your brand to be and how you want others to see you.
  • Be careful of the width - as the browser gets smaller in width the center area of tweets (white area with tweets in it in picture) will move to the right. If you have information you want people to see, it might get obscured. This is also true of height since your background will NOT scroll you need to check it looks okay when you upload it.
  • Your background is generally the second impression a person looking to follow you gets. There is a lot of room to make it a great one.
  • When creating your background be innovative, creative and impressive
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