Thursday, October 29, 2009

Twitter - Startup #8 - Backup

Once you have all this information and setup online, what happens if you have to recreate it all? As with everything else computer related, three words say it all - Backup, backup, backup! But since this primarily exists on the internet this could be a problem. Luckily there are at least four tools that will help.
  • Tweecious - ( provides a service that will put all your tweets with l
    Backup and Restore CenterImage via Wikipedia
    inks in them into your delicious account. is a social bookmarking site.
  • Backupify - although only in it's infancy, provides an extremely useful service. The free online acccount let's you backup as many twitter accounts as you like (as long as you have the credentials for them) into xml files. Although I haven't tried this myself, the website does boast the ability to restore your account from these files. The pay account lets you backup your other online information.
  • Tweetake - ( This website also lets you backup your twitter account for free. While backupify creates xml files, tweetake creates and downloads a comma delimeted file (csv) importable to excel. The only downside is currently there is no way to restore the data via the file.
  • TweetBackup - ( provides backup for your twitter accounts (I backed three up to test it). The interface is easy to use and there is even a restore tab (untested by me). This looks to be an excellent service.
So far none of these services have included the lists, but that is probably only a matter of time.
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