Friday, October 30, 2009

Twitter - Startup #9 - Twitter Clients

Everyone will tell you something different when it comes to what the best way to access twitter is. A lot depends on your personal tastes, the platform you are using (operating system) and what you want to do. Here are a couple of things I came up with to decide what twitter client to use:
  • The way in which the organization has decided to use twitter
  • Who is going to be tweeting, which includes how many people will tweet on the same account
  • How the tweeting will be done
  • The time investment which you want to put in or can put in
CoTweet (
  • the twitter client that is the choice of many businesses
  • Web based client
  • best for use when more than one person is tweeting the same account
  • can schedule tweets
  • uses "CoTags" to identify person tweeting (^TZ) for Tom Zucker-Scharff
  • Integrates URL shortener
  • can have multiple twitter accounts
  • Stand alone Adobe Air client
  • Can have multiple accounts
  • Can NOT schedule tweets
  • does not lend itself to multiple users
  • has iphone app that syncs with it
Seesmic Desktop
  • Stand alone Adobe Air client
  • Manages multiple accounts
  • Does not lend itself to multiple users
  • More Media friendly
  • There is a web version of the client called Seesmic Web
Twitter website (
  • The way a majority of tweeters use twitter
  • must have a browser to use in this manner
  • Fewer capabilities than the stand alone apps
  • While stand alones access twitter through the site's API which will work many times when the site itself isn't working, if you are using the website it must be working for you to do anything.
Peoplebrowser (
  • Can be either a stand alone Adobe Air app or a web app
  • does many of the things other apps do

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