Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Peace in the Home or Shalom Bayit

I have tried to imbue many different values in my children, as all parents do. One value I felt extremely important for any adult is the idea of Shalom Bayit or peace in the house. I've been the peacemaker in our family since it's inception. Sometimes the only way to resolve differences in a dispute is to take the peacekeeper's role, to find a compromise that everyone can live with.

I've told my children more times than I care to remember that there are times when you have to know when to stop pressing your point and compromise. There are of course other times when you should maintain your position no matter what, wisdom is knowing the difference.

I seem to have always been the ref in my house, continually trying to find a middle ground to which everyone can agree. I had always hoped that one day my kids would "get it" and I would no longer have to be the bringer of peace. But now my daughter is heading into her senior year in high school and soon we will no longer need a ref in the house. Hopefully, my kids will take the lesson of Shalom Bayit to heart and someday be the peacemaker in their own homes.

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