Thursday, June 6, 2013

a Non-rant post and movie review (spoilers) - Star Trek: Into Darkness

Normally when I go to movies with my wife of almost 34 years, I am resigned to the fact that my wife will pick it apart, and I will end up saying "It's a movie!" She dislikes the shootem ups and gore I tend to like.  She also does not believe in "Suspension of belief".  I do.  We are both Star Trek fans (not quite trekkies, but almost), so when this movie came out we had to see it.

I truly loved this movie.  It was complete in every way.  I figured I was in for the normal stuff about how that couldn't happen because it was in space, but I was surprised.  My wife, the wonder she always is, said she couldn't find a single thing wrong with this movie.  She especially liked that it was not the type of movie where you come out absolutely knowing there will be a next one.   She did feel that the change in the way the beaming was done was intrusive and uncalled for.  I felt it was cool.  Go figure.

This movie was everything Star Trek is good at. If you haven't seen this movie, you should.  It will make you a Star Trek fan if you aren't already (which you should be).

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