Friday, November 9, 2012

In wake of Storms CVS and Staples stick it to Seniors

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Yes this is another one of my rants.  But let me spell it out.  Our area was hit badly by Hurricane Sandy.  My parents who are 78 and 80 years old live nearby.  We were without power and they were evacuated pre storm.  My parents' house is below sea level and close to the Long Island Sound, in other words they always get flooded.  They finally got their power back, pumped out their basement, and were settling back in when the Nor'easter was predicted.  So they drove their cars out of harms way (parked over night in the Staples / CVS / Mrs. Greens parking lot up the street).  The next morning, after the snow, we picked my father up at home and brought him to the parking lot.  We got there at about 8:00 am.  Both their cars had been booted and a guy was waiting in a white van.  He kept saying, "You did a very bad thing."  and proceeded to charge them $70 per car to remove the boots on the wheels.

The person from the tow company insisted this was the policy of the group of stores that owned the parking lot.  I am appalled that these stores have so little compassion.  Did they do anything to help those in need during these storms, like maybe making their parking lot available (such a small thing).

In the end this is a failure of customer relations for these large chains.  I out this as a comment on facebook and one friend made the simple comment "Staples was started by ... Mitt Romney.  Maybe he was reading your wall".  Yes I am a liberal democrat, and proud of it!
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