Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Android IT Apps - Part 1: Ping

I have been playing around with a few applications on my android (Froyo on HTC Incredible) for my job.  I was looking for a good ping app.  I looked at a few.  All the one here are free.  But I only found one of them especially useful.

Net Status - does a bunch of things well but I didn't find it extremely useful.  also the typeface is too small on my android

Ping and DNS - Okay but not intuitive or very useful

Network Ping - easy to use, ping count is configurable

Ping - This, IMHO, is the best of the bunch.  It is ad supported.  You easily enter any number of single computers either in IP form or domain name.  Once entered the program can ping them all with a readout of the ping time in milliseconds, or ping any one separately.  There is a color indicator next to each entry which is green - for good connection, darkening shades of orange - as the connection time takes longer, red if the app cannot ping the destination address.  When pinging a single address you can export the results (csv).  One of the things that sets this app apart from the rest is that it keeps your list of computers so you can easily tap "Ping All" to get an instant read of your network.

Computers were a breeze to add and the app is easy to use and helpful.
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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Ping is a nice app.
    Have you tried the app Network Discovery for local .. well discovery of network neighbors.
    I use it together with the app "Wifi Analyzer" when making a quick scan on customers wifi network for any major security issues. It sometimes is surprisingly convincing.
    The Wifi Analyzer also shows (in a very simple way) when multiple wifi networks work on the same channels.
    Thanks again for your posting. :-)